Cytogenetics in the genomics era

Cytogenetics in the genomics era

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The Institute for Applied Ecology and the University of Canberra recently hosted 18 eminent researchers from the field of cytogenetics, genomics, environmental science and behavioral ecology. Leading researchers from around the world came together to identify where and how a combined cytogenetic and genomics approach will lead to major breakthroughs.

The workshop was organized by Professor Tariq Ezaz and Associate Professor Janine Deakin, and also marked the start of the organization of 6th Asia Pacific Chromosome Colloquium and Genetics Society of Australasia conferences to be held on 1-5 July 2018 at the University of Canberra.

“The workshop achieved more than we expected including ideas for at least four publications,” said Professor Ezaz. “We also brainstormed internationally collaborative network grants, as well as other small satellite grants through respective countries. In addition, University of Canberra was nominated to organize and host the 2020 International Chromosome conference. This is an exciting opportunity, and one that will showcase our cytogenetics and genomics research on an international scale.”