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Is democracy failing the biosphere?

Dr Bob Brown

Dr Bob Brown argued that a faulty democracy is having a negative impact on the biosphere during his delivery of the University of Canberra’s Institute for Applied Ecology 2013 Krebs Lecture. Dr Bob Brown is the former leader of the Australian Greens, a medical doctor, environmental activist and chair of the Bob Brown Foundation. In January

New fishing techniques decimate pig nosed turtles in PNG

Dr Carla Eisemberg

Dr Carla Eisemberg speaks with Radio Australia about new fishing techniques which are decimating pig nosed turtles in Papua New Guinea. The pig-nosed turtle is a traditional food source and researchers say over the last 30 years the turtle’s numbers in PNG have dropped by 50 percent. Carla Eisemberg, was part of a study by

Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease: a model for other newly emergent diseases

Dr Brian Cooke

Dr Brian Cooke shares his research time between the Institute for Applied Ecology and the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre. As a Research Fellow at the IAE, Brian continues his interest in biological control of invasive species. He mainly works on the epidemiology of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus with the aim of documenting the consequences