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Snail Sex with Fuzzy Logic Canberra Science Show

PhD Student Adrian Dusting

We’d say, join Fuzzy today for some hot snail action, but these little creatures go it alone. New Zealand Mud Snails are yet another pest invader in Australia, and lack of sex – or more correctly – asexual reproduction, which would usually be a disadvantage for a species in a new environment. Our guest is

Interview with Professor Barry Brook

Professor Barry Brook

Listen to leading environmental scientist Professor Barry Brook answer some pressing questions posed by researchers at his recent visit to the Institute for Applied Ecology. Professor Barry Brook is a leading environmental scientist at the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute, where he holds the Sir Hubert Wilkins Chair of Climate Change. He has published three books,

Grab Shell, Dude

Bruno Ferronato

Bruno Ferronato, PhD candidate at IAE, speaks with Jarrod, Tom and Rod from the Canberra Radio 2xx ‘Fuzzy Logic Science Show’ about his research work with turtles. He tells some great stories from his fieldwork in the wild rivers of Peru where he travelled by boat and canoe, and lived among the villagers for his