UC researcher has freshwater in his blood

Dr Evan Harrison, a Research Fellow within the Institute for Applied Ecology, is one of the University of Canberra’s research rising stars.

In the short time since completing his PhD he has attracted significant funding for his research, the majority of which has been focused on the assessment of river health in the ACT and southern NSW.

“Having healthy rivers is extremely important to me,” Dr Harrison says. “I grew up in Goulburn, NSW, where water management has always been a big issue during times of drought.”

As well as managing the University’s Freshwater Ecology Laboratory, Dr Harrison also leads a number of important projects for ACTEW Water, the ACT Government, the Australian Government’s Department of Environment and Kosciuszko Thredbo Pty Ltd.

Some of these projects include: providing advice to state/territory authorities to determine the effects of water quality on water resources within the Murray-Darling Basin, predicting the effects of climate change and adaptation initiatives on water quality and ecological responses to inform policy development and advising the Australian Government on the National State of the Environment assessments of river health.

Dr Harrison aims to continue his career researching freshwater ecology and applying the knowledge he gains to helping develop better river health policy in the future.

Author: University of Canberra

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