PhD in Applied Science

The PhD course aims to provide the opportunity for students to:

  • Learn to conceive, plan and carry to completion a substantial piece of original research, under the supervision of a professional in the field. In so doing, the candidate will be expected to extend their chosen field of study by contributing to knowledge in that field or by reworking existing knowledge to provide new insights;
  • Make a substantial contribution to the development and application of knowledge to the solution of a particular problem in an appropriate field of science, and to publish the results in a scholarly journal; and
  • Gain exposure to an active research environment, to become fully familiar with contemporary knowledge and thinking in a chosen field, to interact with research staff and to participate in discussion on current controversial issues in science.

Although basic research interests are not discouraged, the emphasis of the research programs is on applied research, and candidates are also expected to acquire the skills and attitudes considered desirable when they become practitioners in a professional area or become involved in the application of policies in the workplace. In particular, candidates are encouraged to:

  • Appreciate the relevance of their work in the broader context of society and the workplace;
  • Present their findings in a format that can readily be understood and applied by an informed professional on the periphery of the candidate’s immediate area of interest;
  • Develop skills for marshalling support for projects; and
  • Develop skills for interacting with other researchers and professionals and so be able to contribute constructively to a research or professional team.