The emerging issue of wild deer in eastern Australia: Is the genie out of the bottle?

Speaker: Dave Forsyth

Location: 11:30 am to 12:30 pm in Building 6, Level C, Room 12

Six non-native deer species occur in the wild in Australia, with all states and territories having at least one species present. Deer have long been valued as a hunting resource in Australia, but many populations are expanding in distribution and abundance, creating impacts that are considered unacceptable by some stakeholders. Dr Forsyth will summarise current knowledge about the distributions, abundances and impacts of wild deer in eastern Australia, and the efficacy of management interventions (primarily shooting and fencing) to reduce these impacts. In addition he will identify significant knowledge gaps that need to be addressed to better manage wild deer impacts in Australia.

About Dave

Dr Forsyth has over 20 years experience in wildlife management and research. He has conducted a variety of long-term projects in Australia and New Zealand, focusing on understanding how plant communities interact with mammalian herbivore populations.  Prior to joining the Vertebrate Pest Research Unit in 2016, Dave led the Wildlife Management Program at the Victorian Government’s Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research. There he supervised projects investigating the distributions, abundances and impacts of deer and other overabundant wildlife species. Dave has been contracted to provide research and technical advice to a variety of state, national and international agencies.