Linking science with water policy: an assessment of contemporary approaches

Speaker: Michael Peat

Location: 11:30 am to 12:30 pm in Building 6, Level C, Room 12

Governments, researchers and stakeholder groups often call for science to inform water policy on the basis that it will improve the quality of policy decisions, but is the science we produce usable in this policy context? There is a need to improve our understanding of how science can help inform the design and implementation of water policy. Rapid evidence synthesis and adaptive management are two contemporary approaches developed to help integrate science and policy. I will discuss how both approaches can help bridge the science-policy divide by assisting government agencies, stakeholders and researchers develop a shared understanding of how to manage and restore aquatic ecosystems.

About Michael

Michael Peat is a PhD Candidate at the Institute for Applied Ecology and Murray-Darling Basin Futures. He completed a Bachelor of Applied Science with 1st Class Honours at the University of Canberra. He is currently finishing his PhD investigating the role of scientific evidence synthesis methods and adaptive management in environmental policy. Michael has also spent the past 10 years working on federal water policy and programs.