Ecological Niche Modelling using Presence Only (PO) data. An evaluation of methods & applications

Speaker: Angelica Lopez

Location: 11:30 am to 12:30 pm in Building 6, Level C, Room 12

Ecological niche models (ENMs), which are created by linking species’ occurrence data with environmental envelopes, are popular tools to answer fundamental questions in ecology and evolution. However, as a relatively new research line, ENM faces many methodological and practical challenges. Whether it is possible to accurately predict species occurrence probability when working with presence only data, is the main question of the first part of this study. The second part of the thesis moves beyond ENM methodologies, using them to evaluate phylogenetic niche conservatism (PNC), tackling the question of whether environmental niches are conserved among related species.

About Angelica
Maria Angelica Lopez is a PhD student from IAE. Her work now focuses on data management for environmental sciences because contemporary biology require a strong ability to use the available data in order to respond to urgent conservation decisions. Before coming to IAE, Angelica studied a postgraduate course in statistics and earned a bachelor in Biology from Colombia National University.