A tale of the bird, the cat and the pig. Smaller, bigger, biggest patterns and processes in the size of birds and other wildlife

Speaker: Jim Hone

Location: 11:30 am to 12:30 pm in Building 6, Level C, Room 12

In wildlife communities there are often more smaller than larger species:  the species-size relationship. Many ecological hypotheses have been proposed to explain the pattern. New hypotheses are described and evaluated. The seminar will examine whether the pattern occurs in birds in different zoogeographic realms around the world and why. The relative strengths of evidence for hypotheses are estimated. The management implications of the results are described briefly.

 About Jim Hone

Jim Hone is Emeritus Professor in the Institute for Applied Ecology. His research interests are wildlife ecology and management. Previously he taught ecology and wildlife management at UC, as well as undertaking research secondments to CSIRO, the federal Department of Agriculture, and to Landcare Research (NZ).