Information Technology

Bioinformatics Facility

Two servers meet the IT requirements of Institute for Applied Ecology. The first ( provides low-end capability. The second provides intermediate capacity for undertaking bioinformatics and modelling projects that are beyond the capability of a desktop computer, but not sufficiently demanding for a supercomputer. For this purpose, we have an Intel-based Dell T7550 configured with 24 cores, 256 Gb RAM, 11 Tb of fast disk storage and the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

The facility has a range of software installed of relevance to the sciences, including:

  • A galaxy server, providing open access to intensive computing for everyone;
  • Geneious, for sequence manipulation and analysis;
  • Standard programming software such as R, Perl, C++, SAS and MatLab;
  • Phylogenetics software, such as PAUP, Mr Bayes, Beauti, BEAST.