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South Georgia Island: A Sentinel for Climate Change

South Georgia was covered by a massive ice cap during the last ice age, researchers have discovered.

Today South Georgia is home to over 100 glaciers, juxtaposed with green grass and abundant wildlife. But this wasn’t always the case. Twenty thousand years ago ice extended tens of kilometres out into the ocean from the island, with life only existing at the ice margin and beyond. Associate Professor Duanne White worked with a team of international researchers to discover that ice

Cytogenetics in the genomics era

The Institute for Applied Ecology and the University of Canberra recently hosted 18 eminent researchers from the field of cytogenetics, genomics, environmental science and behavioral ecology. Leading researchers from around the world came together to identify where and how a combined cytogenetic and genomics approach will lead to major breakthroughs.

The workshop was organized by Professor Tariq Ezaz and Associate Professor Janine Deakin, and also marked the start of the organization of 6th Asia Pacific Chromosome Colloquium and Genetics Society

IAE Professor Peter Bridgewater helps secure Isle of Man UNESCO Biosphere Reserve listing

The Isle of Man boasts a spectacularly landscape and robust economy. In recognition of the balance played between the natural environment, the communities that live there and the economy, the island has recently been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The IAE’s Professor Perter Bridgewater played an important role in the nomination and award of this prestigious title, and we talked to him about the Isle of Man’s nomination, and how Australia could also benefit from further Biosphere Reserve listings.