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Animal extinction upsets forest balance: UC study

By Marcus Butler

The extinction of some native seed-spreading animals has had a serious impact on Guam’s tree population, according to a University of Canberra-led study published today.

The introduction of the Brown Treesnake about 60 years ago almost entirely wiped out its native birds, unbalancing the Pacific island’s ecosystem.

Scientists with the University’s Institute for Applied Ecology (IAE) have examined the cascading effects that the devastation of the island’s bird life has had on its

Fighting the fungus felling our frogs

UC experts join other Australian researchers to call for increased efforts to prevent the spread of a deadly fungus wiping out frog species around the world.

By Marcus Butler

4 August  2017: Frogs around the world are increasingly under threat and many species have already become extinct because of a deadly fungus, now a group of scientists are demanding more action to halt the spread  of the chytrid fungus.

The disease, Chytridiomycosis, has been implicated in the mass die-offs and

PhD Opportunity in Animal Cytogenetics

We are seeking at least one, but potentially several, PhD students with interests in molecular cytogenetics and genomics to develop diagnostic cytogenetic and molecular tools for comparative genomics and evolutionary studies in animals, particularly in sheep and reptiles.

 Project Description

Chromosome rearrangements play critical role in speciation. Major chromosome rearrangements are usually detectable via standard karyotypic analysis; however, cryptic (minor) rearrangements remain undetected, requiring development of species specific diagnostic tests, combining cytogenetics and molecular approaches. For example, subtelomeric sequences, which