The Executive is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Institute, and ensuring IAE policies and processes are reviewed regularly to ensure they remain fit-for-purpose. The Executive facilitates input by IAE members to policy development through a regular series of forums, including the annual Convivium.


Professor Ross Thompson

Academic Qualification(s) ARC Future Fellow, PhD (Otago), BSc (Hons) (Otago), GCHE (Monash)
Phone (02) 6206 8846
Email Address Ross.Thompson@canberra.edu.au
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Associate Professor: Wildlife Genetics

Dr Dianne Gleeson

Academic Qualification(s) BSc (University of Auckland) PhD (ANU)
Phone (02) 6201 2237
Email Address Dianne.Gleeson@canberra.edu.au
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Senior Research Fellow and Coordinator Contract Research Services

Dr Fiona Dyer

Academic Qualification(s) BSc Hons, PhD (Melbourne University)
Phone (02) 6201 2452
Email Address Fiona.Dyer@canberra.edu.au
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Professor of Wildlife Genetics

Professor Stephen Sarre

Academic Qualification(s) BAppSc, MAppSc, PhD
Phone (02) 6201 5657
Email Address Stephen.Sarre@canberra.edu.au
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Centenary Professor of Conservation Ecology

Professor Richard Duncan

Academic Qualification(s) B.For.Sc (Hons), PhD
Phone (02) 6206 8858
Email Address Richard.Duncan@canberra.edu.au
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Professor of Ecochemistry

Professor Bill Maher

Academic Qualification(s) BAppSc (Hons), MAppSc, PhD
Phone (02) 6201 2531
Email Address Bill.Maher@canberra.edu.au
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Distinguished Professor

Professor Arthur Georges

Academic Qualification(s) BSc (Hons), PhD (UQ)
Phone (02) 6201 5786
Email Address arthur.georges@canberra.edu.au
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Executive Officer

Susan Ward

Academic Qualification(s) Diploma of Accounting, Cert of Applied Corporate Governance, Master of Legal Studies (UC)
Phone (02) 6201 5624
Email Address Susan.Ward@Canberra.edu.au
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